To take a picture of the Royal Family

One of the differences in photographing the British Royal family, is that while world leaders change every few years, and can come on to the world stage just as quickly as they can come off it, the members of the Royal Family remain constant.

People have very mixed feelings when it comes to if there should still be a Royal family and what it is they actually do, and many more people think they perform an important role and are an important part of British tradition.

Having through my work been in a position to photograph them many times and have a great deal of respect for the work they do and how they go about it.

The Queen herself a well known enthusiast of photography and quite a talented photographer in her own right is always the ultimate professional in front of the camera, although not always comfortable, she knows exactly the shots that we are looking for, and never fails to disappoint.

Although official Royal protocol and etiquette is different for the Royals than for other leaders, in my experience of photographing them, I have always been impressed by the way they conduct themselves and how hard they really do work.

After a while, one world leader tends to look like another, however, with the Royals, specially the Queen, no matter how many times I photograph her from a few feet away always reminds me how lucky and privileged I am.